Whilst there are some good architectural technicians around to produce competent plans and drawings there are some who are not nearly as good.

A qualified Architect or Surveyor will assist you with various aspects of your proposals.  These will include advice on your ideas including suggesting alternatives if reasonable, advise on planning and building regulations or other approvals that may be needed and other legal aspects such as notifications required under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Some works may fall within permitted development rights although there are a number of technicalities relating to size, height and the area of the plot occupied.  Outside of these permitted rights planning permission is likely to be required particularly if your property has been altered or extended in the past.  Almost all building works fall within the building regulations and consent is likely be required in this respect.

A qualified Architect or Surveyor will also have training and experience in the construction and design of alterations or extensions and should be able to ensure that the proposed design can be built with the minimum of problems or issues.

As Chartered Building Surveyors we are willing to come and meet you at your property to undertake an initial meeting to discuss your proposals and what consents may be required.  We will quite happily show you a couple of our recent projects so you have an indication of the quality of drawings you will receive.

Having agreed the designs with you and submitted the necessary applications to the Local Authority we will liaise with the Planning Officer or Building Control Officer to ensure that the relevant consents required are obtained.  If needed we will agree any amendments with yourselves and the relevant officers to ensure consent is obtained.

Once the relevant consents have been obtained we will forward these to you together with a set of the approved drawings for your records.  We will also forward further copies of the drawings so that you can seek quotations from your contractor.

Appointing a qualified Architect or Surveyor to prepare your designs and seek the relevant consents on your behalf removes much of the stress involved in this process from yourselves and is more like to mean that relevant approvals are obtained first time and without significant amendments.

 Architectural Design Only Service

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