Our Defect Diagnosis Reports (or Specific Defect Reports) consider a specific problem (or a small number of problems) and advise on their cause and significance.

We will indicate whether we consider them to be historic and nothing to worry about or whether they are more recent and a potential concern.

Where there are extensive works required we will also give an estimate as to the cost of completing any repairs although we would recommend obtaining at least two or three quotations from suitable contractors.

Defect Diagnosis Reports

The mortgage Valuation, Homebuyer Report or Building Survey on your new home has identified a defect, or a small number of defects, for which you need to obtain additional advice. 

Alternatively you have lived in your house for some time but have recently noted signs of deterioration or damage.

Our Defect Diagnosis Report (or Specific Defect Reports) will advise on the cause, or causes, of a specific defect such as structural movement at the property to be inspected, indicate whether this is considered to be historic and long-standing or more recent and a potential concern.  If necessary we also advise on any further investigations that may be prudent such as a drain survey.  We will also advise what repair or remedial work options may be available.  If the cost of the remedial works may be significant we can also provide an estimated costing for your assistance.

Typical defects include:

  • Structural Movement or Cracking and Subsidence
  • Dampness, timber decay or condensation
  • Defective roof coverings or other external finishes
  • Bowed or overloaded roofs or other structural parts
  • Previous alterations including walls or chimneys that have been removed
  • Compliance of loft or other alterations with Building Regulations
  • And other matters

A typical report will be at least 6 or 7 pages long supported by a number of photos illustrating property and the defects noted.  We will provide you with two paper copies of the defect diagnosis report .  We can also provide an electronic PDF copy of the report if required for your records or submission to another professional party or your lender.

Our fees for defect diagnosis reports range between £250.00 plus VAT (£300.00 gross) to in excess of £400.00 plus VAT (£480.00 gross) depending on the age and size of the property and the defects identified.

Current Instructions

We were recently instructed by the owners of this property to advise on the cause and significance of the water identified within the sub-floor voids and suggest remedail works.

David Beaumont

Director and Chartered Building Surveyor

We were recently instructed by the owners to inspect this property and advise on the cause and significance of the cracking and distortion noted between the original 1980′ s built parts of the building and the extension built around 2000.

David Beaumont

Director and Chartered Building Surveyor

We were recently instructed by the owners to inspect these two semi detached houses and report on the cause and signifiacnce of the possible subsidence and cracking noted to the front elevation and internally.

David Beaumont

Director and Chartered Building Surveyor

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If you tell us a little about your enquiry including the property location (ie Evington, Blaby, Lutterworth or Melton), type (ie detached, semi or office or factory), the size (number of beds and living rooms or floor area) and the reason for your enquiry (ie purchasing, leasing, had works done) we will try to assist you.

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