Structural Condition Reports

Structural Condition Reports

If you are purchasing the Freehold interest in a factory, office, shop or other business property, whether for your own use or to be Leased, you will be responsible for maintaining the structure and fabric of the property.

This is a relatively short and concise report on the general structural condition and state of repair the property. 

The report is intended for properties of conventional brick and slate or tile construction of limited floor area. For other forms of construction or larger properties a Building Survey is likely to be more suitable.

The main objective of the report is to provide professional advice to assist in making a reasoned and informed judgment on whether or not to proceed and to be clear on what decisions or actions should be taken. 


The report focuses on what the Surveyor considers to be urgent and/or significant matters that, typically, affect negotiations and a decision to proceed.  Matters assessed as not urgent or not significant are outside the scope of the report and are generally not reported.

The report is not intended to highlight minor defects that would not, normally, affect a decision to proceed or negotiations.

Based on a visual inspection the Surveyor will advise the Client by means of a concise written report as to his opinion of the structural and visible condition and state of repair of the subject property. 

Our Surveyors will discuss your requirements before visiting the property.


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