Schedules of Dilapidation

A Schedule of Dilapidation is a description of any defects present during or at the end of a Lease, where these breach the Lease terms, and the repairs the Landlord considers necessary to return the property to a good state of repair in accordance with the Lease.

Interim Schedule

Interim Schedules may be prepared part way through a Lease if the Landlord considers that the Tenant is failing to carry out their repairing obligations to a satisfactory standard.

An Interim Schedule should not detail every item of disrepair but will note any significant failures to comply with the Lease terms.

Schedule Negotiation

We can also act for the Tenant who has received a Schedule of Dilapidation and negotiate the repairs required to minimise their cost and expenditure. If required we can also arrange for reputable local contractors to carry out all necessary repairs to the property.

Terminal Schedules

Terminal and Budget costed Schedules are prepared close to the end of a Lease term, or when a Tenant gives notice that they wish to terminate the Lease and vacate the property.

The Schedule describes all of the defects present at the property that the Tenant needs to repair prior to vacating the premises to ensure that the Landlord’s interest in the property is properly protected.

The Schedule is also prepared in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules, the Dilapidations Protocol and RICS Guidance on an impartial basis as if we have been instructed by the Court.

All written Schedules are supported by colour photographs illustrating the defects noted and cover all elements of the demised premises.

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