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Party Wall

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is intended to provide protection to a Building Owner who wishes to carry out alterations to their property and their neighbour(s) who may be affected by the works.

The Act relates to works affecting a shared ‘party wall’, such as that between two semi-detached houses, nearby properties where the proposed foundations or adjacent excavations may be at a lower level than the existing foundations to another building or where it is intended to build up to the boundary where there was not a wall or building previously.



Any surveyor appointed under the terms of the Act is obliged to act impartially and without bias to either the Building Owner or the Adjoining Owner(s). 

We can issue the relevant notices under the Act and would normally prepare or agree a written and photographic Schedule of Condition of the adjoining  building(s) and would negotiate and agree a Party Wall Award between the Owners.

On completion of the works we would re-inspect the property(ies) to assess whether any damage has been cause.


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