Expert Witness

Expert Witness

We provide impartial expert witness reports concerning boundary position disputes, defective building, roofing or other similar works, negligent survey advice and other related matters falling within our professional expertise.

Where necessary we will provide a number of opinions as to, for example, the position of a boundary together with our professional opinion supported by reasons as to our belief as to the correct position.

In cases of allegedly defective building or similar works we will provide our opinion on a number of relevant matters. These may include the quality of workmanship and materials used and the duration of the works.

We will also address any issues identified which may include the extent and value of the works completed, the extent and value of any outstanding works and the extent of any defective works together with the cost of rectifying these defects.

These reports are prepared in accordance with the RICS Guidance note ‘Surveyors acting as an Expert Witness’ and in accordance with Section 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules relating to the conduct of Expert Witnesses reporting to the courts.

In all cases we endeavour to act, and be seen to act, impartially and without bias to either of the parties involved.

We can be instructed by either the Claimant, the Defendant, their professional advisers or as a Joint expert appointed on behalf of the court.

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