Design only

Design Only

This service offers a full design package for any alterations, extensions or other building works proposed to any property type.

The service includes:

  • A partial or full survey of the property as appropriate
  • Preparation of existing floor plans
  • Preparation of full proposal drawings, including floor plans, elevations and sections, for your approval and
  • Submission of the proposal drawings to the Local Authority for Planning Permission, Building Regulations and any other approvals that may be required

We will also carry out all negotiations with the Local Authority and any amendments of the drawings as required to obtain all necessary consents.

Upon receiving the necessary consents we will provide four copies of the approved drawings for use by you and your building contractor.

The plans will be sufficiently detailed for your building contractor to cost and construct the works, but you will need to confirm various details relating to the finishes, decorations and services.

This service does not include any supervision during the building works, but we will be pleased to provide advice should any unexpected problems arise.


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