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Defect Diagnosis Reports

The mortgage Valuation or Homebuyer Report on your new home has identified a defect, or a small number of defects, for which you need to obtain additional advice.  Alternatively you have lived in your house for some time but have recently noted signs of deterioration or damage.

Our Defect Diagnosis Reports consider a specific problem (or a small number of problems) and advise on their cause and significance.  We will indicate whether we consider them to be historic and nothing to worry about or whether they are more recent and a potential concern.  If necessary we also advise on any further investigations or remedial works that may be needed together with providing an estimate as to the probable cost of such repairs.


Typical defects include:-

  • Structural movement and Subsidence
  • Dampness, timber decay or condensation
  • Defective roof coverings or other external finishes
  • Bowed or overloaded roofs or other structural parts
  • Previous alterations including walls or chimneys that have been removed
  • Compliance of loft or other alterations with regulations
  • And other matters

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