Building Surveys

Building Surveys

If you need a more detailed, technical inspection, or if you are looking to buy an older, larger property for which a House Purchase or Homebuyer report would be unsuitable, then a Building Survey would be recommended.

This survey is a detailed inspection of the property and a comprehensive report, which describes the property’s structural condition and state of repair.  The report will describe in detail any structural or other defects of the construction that can be seen by the Surveyor without damaging the building.

The main features include:

  • Detailed information on construction
  • Custom made to meet your requirements
  • Technical advice on problems
  • Recommendations on remedial work
  • Advice on future maintenance

A Building Survey can be carried out on properties of any age, style, size or construction.  However, this type of report is particularly suitable for old or large properties, or buildings of unusual character or construction including listed buildings of Historic or Architectural interest, where more comprehensive detail and consideration is required.

This type of report does not usually include a Valuation or Insurance Valuation, but these can be arranged at the same time if required.

Our Surveyors will always discuss your requirements before visiting the property to customise your report. A typical customised report may concentrate on the structrual parts of the building including the roofs, walls and floors together with the services but exclude the finishes, kitchen or bathroom fittings etc.

Our Surveyors will be pleased to discuss any details arising once the inspection has been completed, and again when you have received the completed report.

The report will also be supplemented by a number of colour photographs illustrating the property and any significant defects noted during the inspection.

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